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浙江大学iMBA学生联合会是浙江大学iMBA在校学员及校友组成的学生组织,在ZIBS的指导下开展工作。iMBA学生联合会作为学生组织,旨在构建学院与iMBA学员、iMBA校友之间的桥梁和纽带。通过开展各类活动和资源及信息共享,增强iMBA学员的凝聚力、提升iMBA品牌、彰显iMBA风采,共建 “改变世界 引领未来”的愿景。
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ZIBSer Spotlight


金光   iMBA 2020
金光   iMBA 2020
杭州极木科技有限公司 测试经理
Nam Kyounghoon – iMBA 2020
Nam Kyounghoon – iMBA 2020
“Through my long experience in public service, I've realized that government's policy failures sometimes occur due to public officials' poor understanding of the private sector and the real economy. So, I wanted to have an opportunity to learn the decision-making system and management methods of private companies by taking the MBA course. Excellent faculty in various backgrounds, creative programs including special lectures held frequently, and great classmates working in big tech companies, financial institutions, and public corporations were able to fully meet my expectations for this course. This course has also helped strengthen leadership skills and an international perspective, which are important assets for senior officials or executives. Moreover, Haining International Campus is an ideal setting for international connection. I enjoyed listening to vivid Chinese stories while having coffee, eating or drinking with classmates after class. What I love the most at ZIBS is meeting and having fun conversations with nice and great friends from China and other countries. Another attractive thing is that this course provides foreign students with opportunities to study Chinese. These strengths of ZIBS always remind me that ZIBS is the right place for me.”
夏丽 – iMBA 2021
夏丽 – iMBA 2021
Meira Gilles Cedric—iMBA 2020
Meira Gilles Cedric—iMBA 2020
Favorite things to do at ZIBS: Activities with classmates and Schoolmates. Meeting with professors to have a good discussion.

“How did you know ZIBS was the right place for you: The environment and education. ZIBS provides a well-managed and comprehensive learning ecosystem. The environment is wonderful and ZIBS staff and professors are all dedicated to give the best education and stimulate us to learn more. I enjoy participating in students’ events and meeting with professors to have a good discussion.”
浙江大学 工商管理硕士(iMBA)项目
浙江大学 工商管理硕士(iMBA)项目