• 管理学基础

  • 管理研究方法

  • 营销学基础

  • 会计学基础

  • 创新管理

  • 战略管理

  • 公司金融

  • 国际商务

  • 组织与领导力

  • 企业社会责任

  • 运营管理

  • 技术与组织

  • 创业管理

  • 国际商法

  • 商务分析



  • 宏观经济学

  • 微观经济学

  • 计量经济学基础

  • 金融学基础

  • 国际贸易物流

  • 金融科技概论




  • 社交媒体营

  • 传播学 I

  • 传播学II

  • 全球传播

  • 媒介融合

  • 跨文化沟通

  • 传播心理学



  • 学术英语写作

  • 数学与统计学

  • 汉语系列课程

  • 中国概况公共课

  • 全球化专题

  • 中国历史文化专题

  • 中国社会考察与文化体验

  • 中国学系列讲座







Julianne Sherese Tanlimco Go

吴佳颖 菲律宾

“Ever since I stumbled upon the course Global Communication and Management, it became my only choice. I chose this because I’m very interested in all the aspects of the course — from looking at things from a global perspective, having better communication skills, and learning more about management. Besides this, I also want to engage myself more in Chinese culture.”

Dastin Wu

吴克星 印度尼西亚

“I chose the program GCM because I think this program suits me the most, where communication, business, finance, and Chinese culture are taught by international educators, alongside international students”

Miran Ka

何美兰 日本

One of the reasons why I chose the GCM program, is because out of all the universities I applied to, Zhejiang University (ZJU) best fits my future aspirations of becoming a globally competent person. Also, ZJU is one of the best universities in China, which has outstanding professors and facilities. Moreover, simply studying in China, a center of technology and business, will build a strong foundation and develop essential skills to thrive in a global setting.

Peerasak Atsawathaweebun

马德峰 泰国

International Campus of Zhejiang University (ZJU), where the program is located, is a model for international cooperation and integration of Eastern and Western styles of education. Students of the program will graduate with bilingual proficiency in Chinese and English, and I believe that ZJU can lead me to reach my own goals as a good businessman in the future.

Kristina Ponamareva


I decided to become the part of GCM program because you can get a lot of knowledge that can help you to become a leader. Moreover, being a part of the ZIBS team will help you to broaden your horizons!

Alicia Mirindra Rajomarison

金晨 马达加斯加

When I read about this program, I thought the 4 different modules were very interesting. And when I got enrolled, I realized it was way beyond my expectations. The classes are very interesting, and the teachers and classmates are all very nice and supportive. We have many opportunities to participate in various events and attend lectures with speakers from different countries and institutions... Plus the International Campus of ZJU seems like a really good environment to study and live in, I can’t wait to get there!

Hebe Leyne Carrera Arias

花云 厄瓜多尔

When I decided to apply for the GCM program I was searching for a program that could help me to reach my plans and goals. At ZIBS, I found a place where I study communication, economics, management, and other courses that are helping me to improve my knowledge. I am not just learning in one of the best universities in China, also I am learning from outstanding professional educators.

Wen Yuyi

文语溢 新加坡

It has been a great honour for me to be part of the GCM program at ZJU, one of China's leading Universities. My experience in school has been exceptional, being able to associate myself with classmates from all over the globe and the school has provided us with a holistic education with leading professors. ZJU also provides its students with strong alumni and takes good care of every students welfare. It has been a pleasure to be part of this family and looking forward to the rest of my journey here in ZJU.

International Exchange


浙江大学 全球传播与管理本科(GCM)项目
浙江大学 全球传播与管理本科(GCM)项目