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  • 女性、传媒和中国社会

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  • 中国外交政策专题

  • 中国宏观经济与社会发展专题





Khoudiri Maroua


The MCM program has been an amazing opportunity to expand my knowledge, network and perception. I’ve had the chance to learn from wonderful Professors and collaborate with diverse classmates to work on different projects that helped shed light on important topics in today’s day and age. Although, we’ve been preforming our degree online, the academic staff has always tried to engage us in activities happening on campus as well as being of immense help at anytime. I am truly grateful to be a part of ZJU and excited for what’s coming in the future.

Bui Phuong Linh


Being a part of MCM is one of my precious experiences in my life. I have gone through my first year at ZIBS via online studying due to the effect of the pandemic. Even though we were separated by a computer screen and lived in different time zones, it did not make the classes seem distant and unfamiliar. On the contrary, the courses are very interesting for international students like me. Our MCM program is well designed. It not only gives us comprehensive knowledge about communication-related theories but also provides in-depth insights into Chinese people, culture, as well as market through diverse optional courses which I think is very helpful for students who want to study and work in China. In addition, all lecturers, professors, and staff at ZIBS let us feel a warm welcome and support. They are really like friends, who accompany me closely throughout my journey of conquering knowledge. I hope that in the near future, very soon, all international students will be able to meet each in China and weave together the best dreams and memories at ZIBS and MCM.

浙江大学 全球传播与商务硕士(MCM)项目
浙江大学 全球传播与商务硕士(MCM)项目