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The iMF Program at ZIBS is more than a degree; it's a passport to a world of endless possibilities.





Pang Haw Feng

iMF, 2021级(马来西亚) 彭浩峰,2021-2022学年国际学生“学业优秀奖”荣誉称号获得者


Pang Haw Feng







From Academic Supervisor

ZIBS助理教授 周闻宇

Pang Haw Feng is one of the best international students I have ever advised at ZIBS. Despite all kinds of difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic during the past two years, he has achieved great success in both school work and career development through his efforts. As Haw Feng's supervisor at ZIBS, I am delighted to see that his hard work has been acknowledged by the university and I wish him greater success in the future.


ZIBS Assistant Professor, ZHOU Wenyu




ZIBS助理教授 周闻宇





ZIBS iMF Program

ZIBS iMF Program is like a high-speed train that takes you on a thrilling ride through the world of finance and technology. It's a journey of discovery and innovation, where you'll encounter a dynamic mix of theory and practice and gain hands-on experience in cutting-edge financial technologies. Along the way, you'll meet a diverse community of peers and mentors and build lifelong connections that will fuel your growth and success. The iMF program at ZIBS is more than a degree; it's a passport to a world of endless possibilities.





Faculty & Staff

Amidst the impact of the pandemic, my learning experience at ZIBS has given me a profound understanding of the importance of unity and innovation. Despite limitations on in-person practical activities, we have maintained our academic progress through a combination of online learning and virtual practical sessions. Through remote interactions, we have strengthened our connections with classmates and mentors, collaboratively discussing and resolving various challenges, and forming a close-knit learning community. This learning approach has not only honed our adaptability but also deepened our knowledge of the future development directions of technology and finance.





Fellow Students

United by a passion for knowledge, we support and challenge one another as we navigate the frontiers of technology and finance. We come together from all corners of the world, sharing our diverse cultural backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. This exposure fosters a deep appreciation for diversity and the importance of mutual respect and understanding.






Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, my Malaysian classmates and I decided to invite our German classmate, Leon, to visit us in Kuala Lumpur. This journey not only allowed us to explore the city together but also deepened our connections and formed meaningful friendships. Through shared academic pursuits, we have built a strong sense of camaraderie and support, proving that even amidst difficult times, the ZIBS community is resilient and committed to supporting each other.


尽管疫情带来了种种挑战,我和马来西亚的同学们还是成功邀请到了德国同学Leon来到吉隆坡。正是这次体验,让我们在游览城市的过程中进一步深化了友谊。在学术追求的引领下,即使在困难时期,ZIBS 大家庭仍在学术道路上互相支持、砥砺前行



Career Development

iMF has been instrumental in shaping my successful career as a senior financial analyst at CBRE Investment Management Company. The program's curriculum and global networking opportunities have equipped me with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to excel in my role. With a focus on the latest research and innovations in fintech and finance, iMF has given me a competitive advantage in the job market, setting me apart from my peers. As I support the APAC region, including China, Singapore, Korea, and Japan, in my current company, the training I received from ZIBS has prepared me to navigate the complex challenges of the financial world and make informed decisions that positively impact both my organization and the wider industry.






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ZIBSer风采 | 通往无限可能的大门
ZIBSer风采 | 通往无限可能的大门