ZIBS Singapore Centre is a branch established by ZIBS in Singapore. The 21st century marks the era of Asia's ascent, with the internet economy leading the way in transforming business models across industries and driving the need for continuous knowledge and skill updates. Strategically located within the campus of the National University of Singapore, ZIBS Singapore Centre aims to empower individuals by practicing educational and social ideologies to meet future challenges.
Educational Philosophy
Guided by ZIBS "5i" philosophy of being “international, interdisciplinary, innovative, inclusive and integrative”, ZIBS Singapore Centre is dedicated to global business research, talent education, high-end training, international exchanges, and industry-driven research projects. We strive to become a technology-focused premier global business school and research laboratory.
Position & Vision

  • Position
  • Talent Education
Collaborating with world-renowned institutions, ZIBS Singapore Centre cultivates talents with a global outlook to meet the demands of the future.
  • Talent Training
With our high-end, cutting-edge, branded, and internationalized courses, ZIBS Singapore Centre provides comprehensive top-level training in management, finance, and economics.
  • Business Research
Our research is focused on exploring management and operations in areas such as new finance, new retail, and emerging technologies, industries, markets.
  • International Exchange
ZIBS Singapore Centre is committed to promoting extensive exchanges and cooperation in education, management, economics, finance, and capital markets between China, Singapore, ASEAN, and other countries and regions.
  • Vision
Based in Singapore, ZIBS Singapore Centre aims to bridge China and ASEAN. We aspire to not only aim for continuous evolution in finance, technology, economics, management, and operations, but also to serve as a platform to foster economic and financial cooperation through education and training.
News & Events
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