The Campus Service Hub is located on the first floor of the Student Service Center, it is the window of the international campus to provide comprehensive campus services for teachers, students and visitors. It mainly provides consulting and handling campus card service, campus transportation service, access control service, shuttle bus service, teachers' apartment service, visitor service, Zijingang Campus administrative affairs agent service, administrative service hall service and other campus services.

Location: First floor east side of the Student Center
Time: Monday to Friday 8:00-17:30
Weekends and Holidays 8:30-17:00
Tel: 0573-87572114(24H)
Campus Card Service
Upon admission, the freshmen will be applied for the Zhejiang University Campus card. The Zhejiang University Campus card is the identity symbol of the students on campus, integrating the functions of borrowing books, dining, access control, commerce and shopping, etc. At the same time, the campus card can also be settled in the restaurants and other consumer sites of Zhejiang University.

Campus Card Types

The Zhejiang University Campus Card can be classified into formal cards, function cards, and consumption cards according to the identity of the user. The following table lists the types, users, and functions of each type of card. For more information, please visit the website: https://zuits.zju.edu.cn.

Zhejiang University Campus Card APP

Users can visit the website (http://ecard.zju.edu.cn/) to download the "Zhejiang University Campus Card" APP. Through the APP, users can top up the card, check the balance and transactions, report card loss/cancel the loss reported, and query/modify the password.

Campus Card Top-up

  • Alipay recharge (Alipay search campus life,entering the one-card recharge, Alipay recharge support for others);
  • Go to the front desk of campus clothing station with your card for cash recharge;
  • Set automatic transfer (automatic transfer by the bound bank card, binding business can be handled at the designated bank outlets);
  • The self-service all-in-one machine can transfer money to the campus card,Address: Self-service bank in the commercial Street (24-hour service);
  • Recharge with "Zhejiang University Campus Card" APP.
Campus Service