Program Overview

The digital economy has developed to the point where it has become the main track of the international competition. In recent years, countries worldwide launched medium- and long-term digital development strategies, catalyzed digital economy development, and built a digitally driven economic system, to win the initiative in future development and international competition. Meanwhile, the world has felt the strategic significance of the Chinese market to enterprise growth. How to respond to the disruptive changes in the world's business landscape in the era of the digital economy? How to know China's business developments? How to comprehensively understand the economic transformation, development of emerging technologies, innovative business models, and governments' policies and plans?

Zhejiang University International Business School (ZIBS) is committed to building a brand of "Chinese business". It now launches the Cutting-Edge Insights in China (CEIC) program, with a team of teachers led by BEN Shenglin, Dean of ZIBS, and professors from the University of Oxford, Imperial College London, the University of Hong Kong, and other top-notch universities giving lessons online. The program will help participants broaden their views, explore strategies and management experience of Chinese enterprises, and build a global business network.

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Participants' Profile

Past participants, with an average length of employment reaching 15 years, from international organizations, governments, industrial associations, international enterprises, and media.

They included the Head of BIS Innovation Hub Hong Kong Centre, Asian Development Bank consultants, certified experts in financial inclusion policy of the Alliance for Financial Inclusion, the representative of the Japan Development Bank in Beijing, Director-General of Investment Promotion at Invest Hong Kong, members of Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines, former President of Singapore FinTech Association, President of FinTech Association of Malaysia, President of Fintech Association of Sri Lanka, judges of Intellectual Property and International Trade Courts of Thailand, senior supervisors of National Credit Bureau of Thailand, senior supervisors of Astana International Financial Centre, partners of Nishimura & Asahi (Bangkok Office), APAC Head of Digital and Distribution of J.P. Morgan, and representatives of DBS Bank and OCBC Wing Hang Bank.
Academic Director

BEN Shenglin
Dean of ZIBS

"China plays a vital role in the global digital economy, which develops remarkably in the Yangtze River Delta region. ZIBS gives full play to the geographical advantage of Zhejiang as a center of digital finance and has been deeply engaged in cutting-edge research on digital economy and government-industry-university-research Institute collaboration for years. This program is dedicated to building an international study platform, with insights on the latest digital economy development trends from 85 executives from 80 institutions in 34 countries."

Cutting-edge Insights in China (CEIC) Program|ZIBS