Program Overview

As the financial technology (FinTech) industry developed rapidly over the past years, innovations emerged and challenges rose. Increasing new models in the industry have been influencing the legal and regulatory systems. How to understand the current changes in the financial industry? How will the FinTech regulation develop? How will FinTech develop in different sectors?
In response to that, Zhejiang University International Business School (ZIBS) cooperated with Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS) to offer the FinTech and Regulatory Innovation (FTRI) program (online). They aim to help participants understand trends, policies, and laws in the FinTech industry and utilize what they have learned to make necessary preparation plans for innovation or transformation and design FinTch innovation plans.
The program was developed by Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) to cultivate leaders for the global FinTech ecosystem. Past participants include personnel of central banks and securities regulators, corporate investors, and executives of financial institutions and enterprises. During the eight-week program, participants can study online based on individual schedules. They can attend live classes to communicate with professors and classmates, lectures, group discussions, and offline workshops.

●To help decision-makers and business owners in the Asia-Pacific region expand their knowledge of FinTech innovation and regulation
●To improve the capability of making decisions and responding to changes, to address evolving regulatory needs within the FinTech sector

The program is for:
Professionals from central banks, regulators, the financial industry, and FinTech and other financial service companies. Past participants include those from the following companies and agencies: World Alliance of International Financial Centers (WAIFC), Local Financial Regulatory Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, China Securities Regulatory Commission (Shanghai Office), Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park (Xicheng Park), Embassy of the United Kingdom in China, Consulate-General of the United Kingdom in Shanghai, Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark in Beijing, Innovation Centre Denmark (ICDK), Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Invesco China, Mastercard, London Stock Exchange Group, Reuters News Agency, PwC, DBS Bank, State Street Hangzhou, Insigma Hengtian Software Ltd., etc.

Innovation & Regulation
In Fintech




Chinese & English

Program Takeaways

● Develop a holistic understanding of the mechanics and applications of key innovative technologies employed in FinTech firms
● Distinguish between various FinTech business models and evaluate potential regulatory and policy implications and responses across regulatory jurisdictions
● Utilize analytical tools to critically assess FinTech business models and prioritize areas of regulation according to their respective regulatory, supervisory and policy objectives and capabilities
● Assess the viability and suitability of an array of regulatory innovation initiatives and responses in the different jurisdictions
● Create a proposal to catalyze regulatory innovation within participant institutions
● Develop a tangible outcome that can be a catalyst for regulatory innovation within participating institutions
Academic Directors

BEN Shenglin
BEN Shenglin
Dean of ZIBS
"The program provides necessary insights for regulators and industry professionals, allowing them to get a full understanding of the changes undergoing in the digital economy. More importantly, regulators can assess the impact and significance of innovative technologies and the changes they can bring to the FinTech business models through this program, in a bid to better regulate and supervise new activities and promote regulation innovation. With the continuous development of FinTech in China, professionals need to understand how the industry will evolve and the role of future regulators." 
Robert Wardrop
Robert Wardrop
Co-Founder & Director, Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance
"The collaboration between ZIBS and CCAF will bring a world-class capacity building and training program on FinTech to the Chinese audience. This timely program provides empirical data, up-to-date information, and actionable insights to Chinese regulators, policymakers and industry leaders and facilitates evidence-based decision-making in a fast-changing digital economy."
Fintech Regulatory Innovation (FTRI) Program|ZIBS