Center overview


ZIBS Latin America Center is an innovation, research, consulting and business center established at the international campus of the Zhejiang university International Business School in China with a branch in Sao Paulo, Brazil. From the China's economic open up and the fast increase of economic relations with Latin America, endless opportunities have arisen for both parties, yet relations are challenging, dynamic and require continuous updating of knowledge and skills. Thus, ZIBS positions itself as a strategic partner and facilitator that will enable individuals and companies who will act on the bridge between China and Latin America, whether with innovative educational practices aimed at facing current challenges, or in the training of thinking actors who are concerned with developing a harmonious future for all.
  • Academic: We believe that knowledge knows no boundaries. Our academic programs and partnerships nurture excellence in education and research. Through facilitating student exchanges, fostering research collaborations, and offering scholarship opportunities, we aim to empower the next generation of leaders in both China and LatAm.
  • Business: We're dedicated to fostering economic growth and sustainable development. Our business initiatives connect markets, create ecosystems, facilitate trade and investment, and provide a space for entrepreneurs and enterprises to thrive. We're here to unlock the vast potential of China-LatAm business relations.
  • Government Relations: We advocate for a broad and sustainable dialogue between society and government. Therefore, we promote relationships with various governmental bodies and institutions in order to improve the proposals of public policy makers. We believe that the union between academics, businessmen and governments has the potential to create a harmonious and beneficial environment for the whole society, thus, we build bridges of understanding that transcend borders.
Core Values & Philosophy


We take inspiration from the "Hehe" culture rooted in the Tiantai Mountains in Taizhou, where the ancestors created a formula of excellent socialization. In this tradition, the first "He" indicates harmony, peace and balance and the second "He" means convergence, union and cooperation. At ZIBS Latin America Center we embrace the philosophy of prioritizing inclusion, valuing harmony and estimating balance. We foster understanding and open-mindedness by receiving the different world experiences through harmony and without enforcing uniformity.

We modernize and summarize our philosophy into "5is" by being more "international, interdisciplinary, innovative, inclusive and integrative". Therefore, at ZIBS Latin America Center, we are dedicated to global business research, multi-task talent education, high-end training, international exchanges and industry-driven research projects.

Thus, in our pursuit of harmony between nature and society, individual and collective, and between China and Latin America, we stimulate cooperation and creativity while respecting differences. We strive to become a leading global business school in leadership training, technological development and research laboratory.

Our motto sums up all these values in a deep and meaningful phrase, that is "Connecting the World, Shaping the Future"


Dean's Message

 “It is necessary to promote South-South dialogue. Latin America and China can only build a harmonious future through cooperation and mutual understanding. We welcome Latin American youth to our school. They are the bridge that connects China with this very special region of the world. Cooperation with Latin America will help us maintain these bridges and allow us to understand each other's needs more deeply, mainly through relevant joint projects, especially contributing to the wisdom of colleges and universities through the ZIBS Latin America Center, promoting the joint construction of the Belt and Road, serving the development of Chinese and Latin America enterprises, and injecting strong impetus into Latin America's economic digital transformation.”

Connect with Us at the ZIBS Latin America Center

Your gateway to engaging with China-LatAm cooperation begins here. The ZIBS Latin America Center welcomes your inquiries, feedback, and collaboration proposals. Feel free to send us an email, give us a call, or visit our physical office. We're here to assist you.

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