Program Overview

Throughout the development history of the higher education in the world, internationalization and international cooperation are the basic characteristics of world-class universities and the only way for them to rise to the top. The Outline of the Integrated Regional Development of the Yangtze River Delta issued by China in 2019 clearly proposed to build a number of model areas for international cooperative education, such as the International Campus of ZJU and Duke Kunshan University. It is a mission and vision of all ZJU staff and higher education practitioners to leverage intellectual resources, practical resources and human resources of ZJU to serve the national strategy of educational opening-up, and to enable the development of first-rate universities and disciplines nationwide.

From May 14 to 29, 2022, the 2022 ZJU International Manager Training Program was carried out at the Haining International Campus. This program was hosted by the Human Resources Department of ZJU, and co-organized by the International Campus (Haining) and ZIBS. This program aims to improve participants' comprehensive understanding of international education, focus on ability training and cognitive guidance, and increase participants' knowledge of international education concepts and internationalization paths.
Participants' Profile

  • First-class Teaching Environment:
First-class modern facilities provide teachers with support for classroom teaching. The international campus forges a first-class teaching environment for participants. They can intuitively experience the characteristic campus management and academy management in the International Campus.
  • Frontier Core Content:
Senior experts from the education administration and the education industry will give lectures and provide the most cutting-edge analysis on macro-policies and strategies. Experts and scholars from domestic first-class universities will share their front-line education experience and provide professional and practical guidance.
  • Multiple Teaching Modes:
In addition to the traditional classroom teaching mode, auxiliary modules such as group discussions, roundtable forums, and industry salons will also be set up to further involve participants in the course and integrate their thoughts and insights into their own knowledge system.
  • Diverse Practice Scenarios:
The on-site teaching module will be available. Practices and visits to domestic representative Chinese-foreign cooperative education institutions, international research institutions and incubation parks will be organized to deepen participants' perception and understanding.
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