Program Highlights

Career Planning

  • Career Development Planning Cour
Through a series of special courses, students can receive guidance on their career development and career planning. In this way, they can master the basic knowledge and common methods of career planning, establish a correct career ideal and career view, career selection view, entrepreneurship view and talent view, gain a correct understanding of the relationship between study and employment, develop the ability of career planning, enhance the consciousness of improving professional quality and ability, and be ready to adapt to society, integrate into society and meet challenges of employment and entrepreneurship.
  • One-to-one Career Assessment
Professional career assessment institutions and tools will be introduced to provide free career assessment services for students, and help students in self-exploration and career orientation: A. Career interest - what kind of work do you like? B. Aptitude – what are you good at? C. Value - What kind of work and lifestyle do you prefer? D. Personality - What is your way and style of dealing with people and things? In this way, students can conduct better career planning.

Quality Promotion

  • Job-seeking Skills Improvement Lecture
Professionals and industry experts will provide job-seeking skills improvement lectures for fresh graduates, make a comprehensive introduction to the skills required in the job interview, and conduct special training, including but not limited to resume making skills, information collection skills, communication skills, and adaptability skills. They will also analyze and interpret the interview process and common interview forms.
  • Workplace Etiquette Improvement Lecture
Professionals and industry experts will provide workplace etiquette improvement lectures for fresh graduates. Through the study of professional etiquette, students can effectively improve their inner and outer beauty. Students will have certain theoretical knowledge of etiquette, improve their interpersonal skills and abilities, meet the personnel quality requirements in various industries, and develop a good professional image. By doing so, they will become versatile talent with elegant temperament, decent behavior, and interpersonal communication skills, as well as competent in the management and service of enterprises and institutions.

Recruitment Consultation

  • Special Job Fair
ZIBS cooperative enterprises and institutions will hold special job fairs on the campus to provide students with high-quality and suitable employment opportunities. The Career Development Centre of ZJU will make full use of the overall cooperation and information advantages of ZJU, and release information on job fairs and on-campus recruitment activities.
  • Recruitment Information Sharing
The employment and internship information of ZIBS cooperative enterprises will be collected regularly and shared in real time. Employment and internship information that matches the majors of ZIBS students will be regularly obtained from well-known job search platforms like and Information platforms like 
Career Planning