ZIBS Alumni Association

Established on July 2, 2022, the Zhejiang University International Business School Alumni Association (ZIBS Alumni Association) is a non-profit organization voluntarily formed by ZIBS alumni. It aims to serve ZIBS alumni, support their lifelong learning and career development, strengthen the ties between alumni and ZIBS and among alumni, and build a platform for interaction, communication and development of alumni. 

The ZIBS Alumni Association is in close contact with the ZJU Alumni Association. By means of innovative work, it helps the local government introduce overseas outstanding alumni, collaborates with alumni and their enterprises to encourage cooperation between ZIBS and government and between ZIBS and enterprises, and relies on overseas alumni to expedite international exchanges and serve national public diplomacy. It also enhances the social reputation of ZJU at home and abroad and the brand influence of ZJU alumni.
ZIBS has a total of 627 alumni from 65 countries, including 53 Chinese alumni and 574 international alumni. 

Main Responsibilities of ZIBS Alumni Association:
(1) Actively liaise with alumni at home and abroad, and maintain close contact with alumni associations and alumni at home and abroad;
(2) Receive visits, calls and letters from alumni, and take charge of mutual contact, coordination and service between alumni and ZIBS;
(3) Take charge of establishing and improving the work system of the alumni association, establishing a long-term mechanism for alumni work, and continuously improving the work network of the alumni association;
(4) Assist ZIBS to regularly carry out influential alumni branding activities, plan and prepare for the celebration of ZJU, and assist alumni to carry out commemorative activities such as revisits to ZJU and graduation anniversary;
(5) Regularly conduct information release, alumni talent display, lifelong learning service, sharing of employment opportunities, etc.;
(6) Mobilize alumni to retribute to ZIBS, raise and manage alumni funds, and make rational use of alumni resources.

Tel: +86 (0)571-87572609
Email: zibs@intl.zju.edu.cn
Address: Room 307, Arts & Science Building, International Campus, Zhejiang University, 718 East Haizhou Rd., Haining, Zhejiang, China
Board Members
XU Chengrong

iMF enrolled in 2020

iMF graduating in 2022
Rodrigo Silva Moura

MCS enrolled in 2019

MCS graduating in 2022
LYU Guanru

iMBA enrolled in 2019

iMBA graduating in 2022

Patricio Javier Giusto

MCS enrolled in 2016

Observatorio Sino Argentino
Brian Sanghee Lee

MCS enrolled in 2015

Seang Ai Khuth

MCS enrolled in 2015

Cambodia Ministry of Justice
Joerg Hoefer

MCS enrolled in 2015

Selsto Ragnhild Sofie

MCS enrolled in 2014

University of Stavanger
Francesco Silvestri

MCS enrolled in 2011

Italian Trade Agency
GU Zhoulei

Alumni of EEP Cambridge Program  

Chairman of Zhejiang Zhou's New Materials Co., Ltd.
YANG Xiaoguang

Alumni of EEP Cambridge Program

CFO of Yixin Group
Alumni Spotlights
Ragnhild Sofie Selstø
“I still remember when we first arrived in Hangzhou winter 2015. It had been three years since I’d last visited China, and my language skills had derated as such. We ordered food from a street parlor, and I quickly realized I still knew all the words. That moment sparked my enthusiasm for China studies, and it stayed on that level throughout my time at Zhejiang University. The outcome of my studies degree would not be the same without my year in Hangzhou. I gained so much implicit knowledge by just living there, not to mention improved language and research skills taught by ZJU. I also spent a lot of my time networking and doing qualitative research for my thesis on a women's movement in China. After graduation, I started working as a journalist in Norway. My background from ZJU helped me stand out among other journalists. I've covered everything from big political happenings such as Li Zhanshu's visit to my hometown, to stories about increase of Chinese tourists travelling to Norway. I now work as a university lecturer in journalism, with a picture of my class in the bookshelf”
Silva Moura Rodrigo
“I started the course of MCS program in 2020 and this was more than a gift, it was the meeting of my destiny with myself. I already knew that I needed to study and understand more about China, but I didn't realize how much this would be necessary, especially in a world with more fake news, more cases of racism and intolerance, great ignorance about what China is and what happens here, in addition to the ideological war that serves as a complicator and further distances between nations. Thus, in the China Studies program at ZIBS I found the necessary tools to build bridges, create partnerships and synergies between China and countries on the other extreme, especially Brazil, Argentina, Portugal and Spain. From here I was able to show them the quality of Chinese education, the high standard of living of the people, the fight against the pandemic and, above all, the unity and effort of the Chinese people. In addition, I had the opportunity to go to southern China, specifically in Yunnan, Jingdong, to get to know another reality and see firsthand the great achievements of the poverty alleviation policy that takes place here. I enjoyed this experience so much that today this is the subject of my research.”
Jamshed Bahodurov
“Mark Patterson once said, ’the best education you will ever get is by traveling’. In my case, I have been one of the luckiest people when I was chosen to get the chance of studying in MSC program at Zhejiang University in 2017. I still remember how exciting I was after getting acceptance from one of the best universities in China - Zhejiang University - and how much I still feel honored to be part of the big family. During my study at MCS program, we got the opportunity of deeply understanding the history, culture, contemporary society, literature, modern life, traditions, beliefs, language and economy of China. We not only got familiar with Chinese conceptions of ‘harmonious society’ but also got to know a lot of amazing friends from countries all over the world. Nowadays, I’m still proud and implementing the knowledge that I got from Zhejiang University for its standardized and internationalized curriculums and in some programs of Canada, Russia, China and Middle East though the Erasmus+.”
LYU Guanru
“Whenever friends asks ‘Is it worth getting an MBA degree?’ All of a sudden, I can see ten thousand feelings popping up in my heart, but don't even know where to make a start. The iMBA program means so much to me because I almost feel enabled by it to learn anything on any topic that has ever intrigued me. And I genuinely believe that satisfying one's curiosity brings the ultimate joyfulness to one's intellect. There are opportunities everywhere at ZIBS that you can take to enrich yourself. The only factor preventing this magic from happening is your lack of willingness. It is the iMBA program at ZIBS that has truly broadened my horizon. During my studies, I have been offered precious opportunities to re-fresh my understandings of better business thinking and logic, international transaction visions, and the elite student's learning routines, etc. In particular, our iMBA program gives us the chance to observe global business models, toward which I feel utterly grateful.”
George Bobyk
"Before coming to China in 2015 to study the MA in China Studies at Zhejiang University, China was a completely unknown entity to me. I remember that just before I was about leave the UK for China, I went to Waterstones and bought China Under Mao; I packed it in my suitcase along with a vague idea that I would like to learn about Chinese history while at Zhejiang University. The MA turned that curiosity into an academic pursuit. I met incredible professors like Liu Wei and Jiang Wentao that continue to encourage me to this day. One particular highlight from the course was travelling to a village near Hangzhou and interviewing local peasants and leaders. This made me feel like I was also gaining a grassroots understanding of China. The MA at Zhejiang University enabled me to gain a career in the China studies field. Immediately after graduating I worked at the British Embassy for two years. Now I am studying an MA in history at National Taiwan University. When I came to Hangzhou in 2015, I never expected that seven years later I would still be studying Mandarin and Chinese history. But it’s a pursuit that I have found meaningful."
Michela Rosti
"As an Italian, studying Chinese in Zhejiang University with a scholarship was one of the most unforgettable experience of my life and a great honor for me. Zhejiang University is very prestigious both in China and abroad. I am proud to be able to study there. When I arrived in Hangzhou in 2013, I clearly remembered that some teachers came to pick us up and took care of us for a year. Whenever international students met difficulties, they were always willing to help. I still remember that on Christmas day in 2013, teachers prepared a Christmas party for us so that we wouldn't feel alone on this sepcial occasion. I was so touched by their kindness. I learned a lot at ZJU, especially about the media, history, economics and so on. After returning to Italy, I felt that my understanding of the world has changed, because I have studied in such a good university and lived in such an interesting, developed and friendly country. Thank you so much for giving me such a great opportunity. I will keep it in mind for my whole life.”
Carola Barbier
"Studying in China was one of my greatest dreams. I began learning Chinese and studying the history of the Celestial Empire as a free learner. Then as a university student was selected to be a scholarship student at the Zhejiang University, I realized how lucky I was to be one of those who could experience a whole school year in one of the best Uni in China. Studying at the Zhejiang University gave me a deep understanding of Chinese culture both from a sociological and a political point of view. I have met many good friends, relevant professionals, and professors such as my thesis supervisor professor Wei Lu who gave me his total support through my research project. My vivid memory of my stay at Zhejiang University let me hope one day I will be able to go back to that amazing country.”
Andreea Dragus
“I started studying Chinese at the Confucius Institute in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. As an inquisitive person, I dreamt of experiencing Chinese culture directly. Fast forward a few years and there I was, being awarded a 2 year scholarship under the MCS programme. Being perseverant paid off. The International Campus of ZJU in Haining was an absolute bliss: great living quarters, entertainment and sports areas, and a gorgeous library with a lovely café. The professors were engaging and open to assist the international students in their academic journey. The Haining community has received us with open arms. I have made life-long friendships with people from all over the world and we are all connected by our curiosity and love of Chinese language. The entire experience has served me well, as currently I am working within a big company that has branches in many cities in China. Don’t give up, whatever hardship you have now, one day you’ll look back and realize you grew.”
ZIBS Alumni Association