Program Overview

Adhering to Zhejiang University (QS2024: 44th,C9 League)’s international teaching philosophy, Global Communication and Management (GCM)’s aims to train future entrepreneurs, leaders and policymakers with combinative management capabilities and critical understanding of China remarkable transformation through science & technology. Our students are expected to serve as bridge between China and the world.
Students will gain a sound understanding of the fundamentals of management, finance & economics, various aspects of communication practice, as well as gain practical internship experience in a real-life context. Upon graduation, students will acquire abilities:
• Excel in financial and business analysis that lay foundation for managing/solving complex societal problem
• Develop effective cross cultural communication skills for academic and professional contexts.
• Learn to think critically across a variety of subjects—fostering an informed, independent worldview with China experience.





4 years


in English


Mandarin courses


Haining City Exploration 2.0

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Program Highlights

  • Interdisciplinary Pedagogy
Global Communication and Management is an undergraduate program executed by ZIBS and the College of Media and International Culture (CMIC). It is the first undergraduate program that recruits international students only at Zhejiang University. The trailblazing program is also the first to combine management, finance, communication and China studies into an interdisciplinary platform for students.
  • Applied Bilingual Curriculum System
Practical courses in Chinese language and culture, communications, finance, and global business are offered. English is the primary language of instruction, with Chinese being used in applied settings and research. Cross-cultural communication is stressed throughout the program.
  • Engagement In World-class Learning Environment
The Zhejiang University International Campus, where the program is located, is a model for international cooperation and integration of Eastern and Western styles of education. The campus brings together prestigious Chinese and foreign professors and a large international student community and admits several hundred highly qualified Chinese high school students each year.
  • Hub For Entrepreneurship And Innovation
Beyond the classroom, ZIBS provides exceptional opportunities for professional practice, industry internships and cultural experiences. ZIBS has established strategic partnerships with Ant Financial and other leading firms, providing students with the ability to participate in a 6-month practical training program in world-leading firms.
Program Director

Jia Jia Lim
Assistant Professor

"Greeting to all students and welcome to ZIBS. ZIBS’s Global Communication and Management Program (GCM) is committed to train thought-leaders with combinative capabilities with China experience to solve the world most pressing problems. We provide students with wide range of perspectives shared through the multidisciplinary courses and practical opportunities outside the classroom to engage with industry partners within ZIBS ecosystem. Students will develop person and professional skills understanding and addressing complex management problems in contemporary business environment. Meanwhile, the students shall lay the strong foundation for bilateral cooperation opportunities between China and home country through the Chinese wisdom, unique China living experience and expertise gain through ZIBS. I hope you enjoy the learning and growing process at/with ZIBS."

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