• The diversified academic lectures and rich cultural blended field trips are available for students onsite and online.
  • For the GCM program, the student to teacher ratio is 8 to 1, assuring that each student will be involved in the classroom and achieve academic progress. 
  • Local mentors and international mentors are available to support students adapt to campus life in China.
Moreover, a diverse international student community at the international campus will make students’ life more colorful and help students assimilate into China easily.
Due to the pandemic, please do NOT deliver the hard copies of the application materials. Hard copies of the application materials will NOT be reviewed and further processed.
The HSK certificate is not a prerequisite for applicants since GCM is an English-taught program. Applicants with basic Chinese language skills are recommended to apply for GCM.
Applicants must log in to the International Student Application & Admission System of Zhejiang University (http://isinfosys.zju.edu.cn/recruit/login.shtml), clearly fill in and completely upload materials as required.
Generally, after the applicant pays the application fee, his/her documents will be processed and evaluated by the GCM program team. An interview invitation will be sent to the applicant via email if he/she passes the evaluation part. The interview will be online.
Normally, the team would inform the applicant of his/her interview result within 2 weeks after the interview.
All new students are eligible to apply for a ZIBS Entrance Scholarship. The scholarship will be awarded based on applicants’ transcripts in senior high school, interview performance and potential contributions.
Applicants can provide the transcript by far when applicants apply for the GCM program. However, full transcripts must be submitted before registration.
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