Program Director

YAN Yuqian

"Imbued with the passion for humanistic concerns, artistic creativity, and visionary leadership, the iMFA  Program is co-founded by ZIBS and College of Media and International Culture (CMIC) at Zhejiang University. Our students will take academic and practice-based courses with faculty members from CMIC, while having the opportunities to choose business-related courses at ZIBS. We aim to create a unique learning experience that values both academic theories and hands-on practices, emphasizes media content production as well as managerial skills, and connects professional knowledge with the industry. We believe that our students will benefit from and thrive in the culturally diverse environment at the Haining international campus."

LUO Lingli

International Master of Fine Arts in ZIBS is an interdisciplinary program for master’s degree. In this program, you will not only have the opportunity to receive professional course training in fine arts, but also learn business knowledge and participate in business practice. The ecosystem of ZIBS provides you with an international platform and local experience. In the ecosystem, you will not only have the opportunity to connect with international academic frontiers and participate in overseas cooperation and exchanges, but also experience Chinese local culture in depth, making your study and life in ZIBS fruitful and exciting! 

international Master in Fine Arts (iMFA)|ZIBS