• Mandarin

  • Introduction of China

  • Communication Theory

  • Quantitative Methods in Communication Research

  • Media China: New Media and Society

  • Intercultural Competence

  • Qualitative Methods in Communication Research


  • Women, Media, and Chinese Society

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Academic Writing

  • China's International Trade

  • China Marketing

  • Chinese Business Culture

  • China's Foreign Policy

  • China's Macroeconomic and Social Development

Academic Directors

HUANG Guangsheng

In this current age of globalization, experts in communication and management are highly sought-after worldwide. Accordingly, ZIBS has partnered with the College of Media and International Culture of Zhejiang University to launch the Master of Communication and Management Program for international students. This program offers not only in-depth knowledge of China but also a broad vision of the world. Our international students for this program come from around the globe. They develop cross-cultural communication skills, international perspectives, and entrepreneurship that position them at the forefront of innovation in the economic heartland of the Yangtze River Delta. Come join us on our journey of truth-seeking and innovation, which will equip you with an unparalleled understanding of China and help you to create a better tomorrow for humankind.

Jia Jia Lim

Welcome to MCM Programme in ZIBS! Choosing to do your Master of Communication and Management in information-rich and communication-intensive society like China is a decision well made. With ZIBS specialized courses in communication and management, you will get to integrate communication theories/strategies/technologies and management skills to address the real business problems by practically learning or internships with innovation Chinese or MNE companies. Also, in a classroom with students from diverse nationalities and expertise, I believe you will benefit from recognizing the differences exist between you and your peers by cultivating a sense of communication with understanding that help you winning in future workplaces and further promote a more inclusive society. Despite the global pandemic and the challenges ahead, your participation and contributions to the Master of Communication and Management programme and ZIBS will make this year another best year.



Khoudiri Maroua


The MCM program has been an amazing opportunity to expand my knowledge, network and perception. I’ve had the chance to learn from wonderful Professors and collaborate with diverse classmates to work on different projects that helped shed light on important topics in today’s day and age. Although, we’ve been preforming our degree online, the academic staff has always tried to engage us in activities happening on campus as well as being of immense help at anytime. I am truly grateful to be a part of ZJU and excited for what’s coming in the future.


Bui Phuong Linh

Being a part of MCM is one of my precious experiences in my life. I have gone through my first year at ZIBS via online studying due to the effect of the pandemic. Even though we were separated by a computer screen and lived in different time zones, it did not make the classes seem distant and unfamiliar. On the contrary, the courses are very interesting for international students like me. Our MCM program is well designed. It not only gives us comprehensive knowledge about communication-related theories but also provides in-depth insights into Chinese people, culture, as well as market through diverse optional courses which I think is very helpful for students who want to study and work in China. In addition, all lecturers, professors, and staff at ZIBS let us feel a warm welcome and support. They are really like friends, who accompany me closely throughout my journey of conquering knowledge. I hope that in the near future, very soon, all international students will be able to meet each in China and weave together the best dreams and memories at ZIBS and MCM.

Master in Communication and Management (MCM)|ZIBS