The ZIBS FinTech CEO Program is divided into two parts: the China module and the Cambridge module. The study of China module was conducted in January 2019 and that of the UK module in May 2019. The China module is based on Shanghai and Hangzhou, the central cities of fintech in the Yangtze River Delta. Participants need to observe and discuss the future path and trends of fintech in China from the perspectives of forward-looking technologies, emerging markets, policy frameworks, and innovative concepts. Experienced scholars and experts from the government, universities and industry will give lectures. Participants will partake in on-site teaching and industry interactions of financial enterprises, and conduct discussions, exchanges and sharing in the form of forums and roundtable meetings.
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The first phase is targeted at 50 participants, including more than 30 company founders, chairmen and CEOs. By industry, 40% of participants come from fintech companies, 18% are from equity investment companies, and 14%
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