China-Africa Center


Welcome to the China-Africa Center! Located at the intersection of academic, business and culture, the China-Africa Center serves as a bridge of opportunity, catalyzing development and growth between China and Africa, two dynamic and diverse regions.
The ZIBS China Africa Center is an institute established on 11th of November at the international campus of the Zhejiang university International Business School with the Vision of expanding and strengthening China-Africa collaboration in education, partnerships, operations, investment, and finance in academics and business.

We aim to bridge any gaps between Africa and China through advanced scholarship in business innovation and academic disciplines, thereby contributing to the overall development of Sino-African relations and elevating the status and influence of China African studies to a high international level of academics, business innovation, economic development, trade, and investment.
Core Values


  • Excellence: 
    We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of research, education, business practice and service delivery to drive positive impact.
  • Diversity:
    We celebrate and promote the diversity of cultures, ideas, and perspectives within China and Africa.
  • Sustainability: 
    We advocate for sustainable development practices that benefit both regions and contribute to a brighter future.
We can easily summarize ourselves to the following slogan as we link the essential purpose of our values with our vision and goal. “We focus on Building Bridges, Cultivating Minds, Empowering Enterprises, Embracing Diversity”.
Dean's Message


Dean of ZIBS

The ZIBS ecological institution and the Africa Partnership have a long history. ZIBS is committed to building a global, digital and ecological business school, contributing to the wisdom of colleges and universities through the China Africa Center, promoting the joint construction of the the Belt and Road, serving the development of Chinese enterprises in Africa, and injecting strong impetus into Africa's economic digital transformation.

ZIBS China-Africa Center