The Academic Forum unfolds with excitement. The Young Scholars Forum will explore the impact of economics and business on driving high-tech industries, the role of infrastructure in economic growth, and innovative topics such as cryptocurrency whitepapers and green innovation. The Annual Cross-sectional Project Session will showcase new research outcomes and the Global Deans' Forum will delve into the future of sustainable development education and participating deans will share their experiences and insights in cultivating future business leaders and innovators. Together, we focus on the forefront of business for a splendid event!
CHEN Xiaohua
ZIBS Assistant Professor
Theme: How Economics and Business Lead High-Tech Industry? (Click to learn more)

WEI Binru
ZIBS Assistant Professor
Theme: Infrastructure and Economic Growth- Agent Based Modeling Approach (Click to learn more)

LI Chao
Haina Research Scientist
Theme: TriD-MAE: A Generic Pre-trained Model for Multivariate Time Series with Missing Values (Click to learn more)

Sheikh Fayaz Ahmad
ZIBS Assistant Professor
Theme: Frugality, Regional Development and Digital Innovations : Gleaning Insights from China and India

Jomel Ng
ZIBS Assistant Professor
Theme: Human Capital Effects in the Job Search Process for New Labor Market Entrants: A Double-edged Sword?

BAO Yangming
Assistant Professor of ISEM, Capital University of Economics and Business
Theme: Valuation of Green Innovation: Worldwide Evidence

Godofredo Ramizo Jr.
Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow and Principal Investigator, Nanyang Business School (NBS), Nanyang Technological University
Theme: Fighting for Survival: How Can Digital Platform Firms Gain Legitimacy in New Markets
WAN Feng
ZIBS Associate Professor
Internationalization Index of Chinese Private Multinationals
LEI Linan
ZIBS Assistant Professor
A Report on the Innovation and Development of "Little Giants" Listed Enterprises 2023
Lecturer, Alibaba Business School, Hangzhou Normal University
University-industry Collaboration and Commercialization
The forum assembles the highest echelons of leadership from premier global business schools to delve into the pivotal theme of "The Future of Education for Sustainability." Our aim is to explore cutting-edge perspectives and best practices in the realms of social responsibility and global sustainable development within business schools. Please check the forum's page to get more information.
Doctoral Student Presentations and Comments from the Reviewers

CHENG Yuxiang
doctoral student at Peking University
Who Should Finance the Supply Chain? Impact of Accounts Receivable Mortgage on Supply Chain Decision 

doctoral student at Zhejiang University
Federated Learning with Non-IID Data

MA Shanzi
doctoral student at Remin University of China
The Effect of Entrepreneur's Social Responsibility Behavior on Consumers' Willingness to Participate in Service Recovery in the Context of Artificial Intelligence Service Failure

WANG Renfeng
doctoral student at Zhejiang University
The Effects of Economic Policy Uncertainy on Consumer Credit

doctoral student at Zhejiang University
Practical Asynchronous Consensus: The more secure blockchain

YANG Siyuan
doctoral student at Tsinghua University
Motivated Extrapolative Beliefs

ZHANG Qiongwen
doctoral student at Zhejiang University
Opportunity-threat perception and firm innovation in the decoupling of global value chains scenario: An ambidextrous view

doctoral student at Zhejiang University
Duplicity is always evil? The effect of inconsistency between attention and action on SADI firms’ performance in China

ZHOU Pengyang
doctoral student at Zhejiang University
Federated Graph Learning

doctoral student at Zhejiang University
Valuing the Accessibility of Green Spaces in the Housing Market: A Spatial Hedonic Analysis in Shanghai, China

Award Ceremony

Closing Remarks