ZIBS-NUS IORA Joint Lab Launched & Singapore Events

On November 30, the Joint Lab of Supply Chain Management & Finance, initiated by ZIBS Singapore Centre and NUS Institute of Operations Research and Analytics, was officially launched.


ZIBS生态丨ZIBS与NUS IORA共建联合实验室并在新加坡举办系列讲座活动 Joint Lab Launched

▲ZIBS Dean BEN Shenglin, and Chung Piaw Teo, Executive Director of the Institute of Operations Research and Analytics (IORA) in the National University of Singapore, jointly unveiled the Joint Lab of Supply Chain Management & Finance.


This is the first Joint Lab in Singapore dedicated to supply chain management and supply chain finance, established through the collaboration of two world-class institutions. ZIBS and NUS IORA bring together their expertise in areas such as supply chain operations management, financial technology, and big data analytics. The objective is to leverage this lab to disseminate optimal solutions in supply chain management and supply chain finance to industries in China, Singapore, and the entire ASEAN region. Additionally, the collaboration aims to provide technological systems and training programs through the lab.

According to China Customs Statistics, in 2022, the ASEAN has become China's largest trading partner. The bilateral trade volume has exceeded RMB 940 billion. Singapore, not only serving as a global trade and supply chain hub, but also a cruicial strategic base for Chinese entrepreneurs to extend their reach into the ASEAN market and establish a global supply chain.


ZIBS生态丨ZIBS与NUS IORA共建联合实验室并在新加坡举办系列讲座活动 Joint Lab Launched

▲From left to right: Prof. Alvin Shen, Director of ZIBS Singapore Centre; Prof. BEN Shenglin, Dean of ZIBS; Prof. Chung Piaw Teo, Executive Director of IORA, National University of Singapore; and Dr. Robert Yap, Executive Chairman of YCH Group.


The competition between enterprises fundamentally lies in the competition on supply chains and ecosystems. Alvin Shen mentioned, "The establishment of a Joint Lab by ZIBS and NUS IORA not only provides solutions for supply chain management and supply chain finance but also, leveraging the global development trend of industrial internet, builds an innovative production-finance combined ecosystem empowerment system. This system aims to support Chinese and ASEAN enterprises in becoming new core enterprises in the era of industrial internet, forming a production-finance combined ecosystem with strong stickiness and competitiveness, and constructing a more sustainable development model."

BEN Shenglin stated that the establishment of the Joint Lab of Supply Chain Management & Finance will help Chinese entrepreneurs better adopt globally leading solutions in supply chain management and supply chain finance. This is particularly emphasized by integrating Singapore's open and abundant international financial and supply chain resources, further promoting the deep integration and development of trade and supply chain between China and ASEAN.

Regarding this collaboration, Chung Piaw Teo believes that the Joint Lab integrates top-notch research talents from two world-class institutions and seasoned experts from the supply chain management and supply chain finance industries of China and Singapore. It aims to fully integrate academic research with industrial development, achieving integrated development of production, academia, and research. In the future, there is a hope for the Joint Lab to provide the industry with solutions and talent training programs in the field of supply chain management and supply chain finance.



On December 1, ZIBS and NUS IORA held a series of lectures on the development of Southeast Asian supply chain management for enterprises, their overseas expansion, and internationalization at the National University of Singapore. Dozens of Chinese entrepreneurs gathered to share new models for international development through collaboration with ASEAN supply chains.

At the meeting, Chung Piaw Teo delivered a welcoming speech, followed by a keynote address from BEN Shenglin titled “From Surviving To Thriving?- Chinese Multinational Companies in The New Age of Geopolitical Tensions”. Ms. Hastin Dumadi, Minister Counselor Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Singapore, elaborated on Indonesia's economic growth and business opportunities. Alvin Shen gave a keynote speech on Chinese entrepreneurs in Singapore to expand the Southeast Asian supply chain. Prof. Gu Qingyang from Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy of National University of Singapore delivered a keynote speech on the macroeconomic analysis of China in the changing world. Additionally, representatives from three renowned Chinese companies, Mr. PENG Qiu’en, CFO of Honor Device Co., Ltd., Mr. SUN Zhijun, Vice President of Winning  International Group, and Mr. LI Yunhua, General Manager of New Hope Singapore Pte Ltd, each gave speeches outlining their respective approaches to integrating into the global supply chain and international development strategies. Their presentations garnered significant attention and applause from the entire audience.



In the afternoon roundtable session, moderated by Alvin Shen, in-depth discussions were conducted with guests on the challenges and strategies for the internationalization of Chinese enterprises. As pointed out by Alvin Shen in his remarks, the irreversible deep integration of the global industrial chain requires Chinese entrepreneurs to seize the opportunities in new industries and markets that arise during the process of internationalization, in order to achieve a second curve development.



ZIBS Singapore Centre is a centre established by ZIBS in Singapore. The Centre adheres to the "5i" philosophy of ZIBS, focusing on international research in business, talent cultivation, high-end talent training and international exchanges, laboratory research solutions empowering industrial development, and building a premier technology focused global business school and research laboratory. The 21st century is the era of the rise of Asia, and ZIBS Singapore Centre is committed to enacting social concepts through education, empowering individuals to face future challenges.

The article was originally published in Fortune Times: https://www.fortunetimes.sg/cn/?p=41495



ZIBS-NUS IORA Joint Lab Launched & Singapore Events