ZIBS Latin America Center
The ZIBS Latin America Center is an institute whose purpose is to promote the relationship and mutual knowledge between Chinese and Latin American societies. Its activities are to explore, stimulate and strengthen academic, social and corporate exchange through the sharing of knowledge, projects and research in the social, cultural, economic, political and environmental areas in order to bring entities from both sides closer together.
The center has three axes:
Academic - seeks to promote exchanges and cooperation of experts, scholars and Higher Education Institutions with a focus on academic excellence, innovation and entrepreneurship - Strengthening mutual production, sharing, dissemination and cooperation in the field of knowledge. Creating a series of joint activities that favor the production of projects, research, lectures, among others. Providing products such as existing programs, contact with academics and researchers from Zhejiang University.
Social - seeks to support the rapprochement with Latin American think tanks, political influencers and policymakers - Spreading scientific and technological culture, Promoting cooperation in the field of innovation, Disseminating new technologies, new economy and new finance.
Corporate - seeks to advise Chinese and Latin American companies and industry leaders to improve their performance in the region in which they operate in order to make investments with Social Responsibility, committing to wellbeing of business and society as a whole.
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ZIBS Latin America Center