ZIBS Recruitment Notice for TAs
School: Zhejiang University International Business School (ZIBS)
Workplace: mainly on the Zhejiang University International Campus in Haining
Application Deadline: permanent recruitment

What do TAs need to do?
The main responsibility of teaching assistants (TAs) is to assist ZIBS in completing programs and teaching assistance tasks assigned by professors.

Working Hours
TAs will generally work according to the semester system and be arranged to apply for a course of a program that needs a TA. TAs need to serve throughout a class, make records for each class, and complete the relevant work assigned by a professor and teachers of the program team.

Specific Work Content
①Translate course PPT, record and report key content of a course, etc;
②Assist a professor in preparing teaching materials and for offering a course;
③Arrange a classroom as required, check equipment, and serve throughout a class;
④Manage the Blackboard system, print and distribute materials, upload teaching materials, keep a record of students' attendances, release test questions, register test scores for a course and other assistance work required by a professor;
⑤Lead a delegation of students to visit an enterprise (if any);
⑥Make records for each class;
Note: The actual work content and workload of TAs depend on the specific needs of the school and a professor.

The salary will be paid according to the salary standard of the three assistant posts of Zhejiang University.

What will you gain?
1.Opportunities for in-depth study of course content;
2.Opportunities for in-depth communication with well-known scholars, professors and industry elites.

We hope you are
A senior undergraduate or postgraduate student for a master's or doctor's degree on campus;
Fluent in English communication and good at writing; Have a sense of responsibility, good communication and administrative skills, and strong ability to work under pressure.

Application Materials
Please send your resume (in Chinese and English) to the following email:

We welcome students on campus to apply.
ZIBS Recruitment Notice for TAs