ZIBS China Africa Center
Vision of the ZIBS China Africa Center
The ZIBS China Africa Center is an institute established on the Haining campus of the Zhejiang university International Business School with the Vision of expanding and strengthening China-Africa collaboration in education, partnerships, operations, investment, and finance in academics and business.

We aim to bridge any gaps between Africa and China through advanced scholarship in business innovation and academic disciplines, thereby contributing to the overall development of Sino-African relations and elevating the status and influence of China African studies to a high international level of business innovation, economic development, trade, and investment.

ZIBS China Africa Center

ZIBS China Africa Center

Business Academic Cultural
ZIBS China Africa Center ZIBS China Africa Center ZIBS China Africa Center
  • Youth entrepreneurship program
  • China Business Basics (CBB)
  • Professional and Executive Programs
  • Business ecosystem China/Africa
  • Exchange resources in many areas of business
  • Opportunities for emerging talents/experts
  • A hub (incubator) to cater for skills and entrepreneurial development
  • Initiate the building of counterpart centers in all African regions
  • More
Studies and research on current China Africa economic relations: (Finance, Trade, Investment, Innovation)
MoUs: Adanian Labs, HSRC, SMART Africa, GIBS, NMUSoEC, UniVen
  1. The creation of an Africa-based network of research platforms
  2. Creation of an Africa-based Fintech incubator(s)
  3. Production, publication and dissemination of research
  4. Support and delivery of learning initiatives and programs for both youth and professional executives.
  5. Sino-Africa Fintech research network linked to the ZIBS/AIF
Production and publication of research
Encourage the promotion to make the ZIBS Africa Centre a key economic, finance and business knowledge and innovative hub under the Zhejiang Provincial Government (ZPG) program of cooperation, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and the Ministry of Education in China 

Create Cultural Events

Promote Cross-Cultural
ZIBS Delegation Visited South Africa (click to read more)
ZIBS China Africa Center