ZIBS & Akila Agree on Future Collaboration


On October 25, Philippe Obry, Chief Innovation Officer of Aden Group & Co-Founder and General Manager of Akila; Mark Bawtree, Head of Global Sales and ESG of Akila paid a visit to ZIBS, during which the Akila delegation had productive discussions with ZIBS team and agreed on future collaborations.



In the welcome speech, BEN Shenglin, Dean of ZIBS, warmly welcomed Akila delegation and expressed his expectations for future cooperation.



Philippe Obry made a brief introduction of Akila to ZIBS faculty and students and expressed that the two sides could establish a broader connection and communication. He looked forward to more comprehensive cooperation in the future.



Mark Bawtree, Global Head of Sales and ESG of Akila, was invited to deliver a speech titled "ESG in China: From Data to Solution" and engaged in an in-depth discussion with ZIBS faculty and students.



Daniel Christian Iskandar, a student of ZIBS GCM program, also shared his internship experience in Akila  and said this was an eye-opening work experience for him, and his analytical skills, creativity, and teamwork have been significantly improved.



ZIBS will continuously work to establish and expand collaborations with domestic and international corporations and organizations to provide more resources and internship opportunities for both Chinese and foreign students.

ZIBS & Akila Agree on Future Collaboration