ZIBS 2023 Welcome Ceremony


All the wishes and expectations from the summer finally come true in the autumn.

340 new ZIBSers, from 46 countries, 6 continents, ushered in their new journey at ZIBS. Please join us to celebrate ZIBS 2023 Welcome Ceremony, chasing “Global Ambition, Local Foundation”. 


学在ZIBS丨图南培风 云程发轫 2023级新生欢迎会举行




On the afternoon of September 17, ZIBS 2023 Welcome Ceremony began with the enchanting singing of WU Yihan (from iMFA program Class 2023). The ceremony was hosted by six students from iMBA, iMF, iMFA, iMDS, and GCM programs, showcasing the diversity at ZIBS.








Prof. LI Hanying, Dean of International Campus, delivered a welcome speech to the new students. Ms. QU Lijuan, Vice Dean of International Campus; Prof. WU Jian, Vice Dean of International Campus; Ms. WANG Yufen, Executive Vice Dean of International College, ZJU; Prof. Lee Der-Horng, Dean of the Zhejiang University-University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Institute (ZJUI); Prof. YE Zhiguo, Vice Dean of ZJE; Ms. FENG Qiao, General Manager of Compliance Technology at Ant Group, and Deputy General Manager of Alipay (China); representatives from different departments along with ZIBS Dean BEN Shenglin and Vice Dean QU Haidong attended the event to witness the beginning of the new journey for ZIBS 2023 Class.









Prof. LI Hanying, in his welcome address, encouraged the new students to follow the motto of Zhejiang University, "Seeking Truth, Pursuing Innovation," and to explore the rich history and culture of the university. He urged the students to broaden their horizons and challenge themselves while nurturing an open mindset. He expressed expectations for ZIBS newcomers: embrace diversity, be intellectually curious and strive for excellence, hoping that the Class of 2023 would grow and excel at ZIBS, dare to dream, and forge their unique paths.


学在ZIBS丨图南培风 云程发轫 2023级新生欢迎会举行






Prof. BEN Shenglin, delivered the opening speech for the Welcome Ceremony. He warmly welcomed the 2023 new students, scholars, and faculty members from around the world to ZIBS. Aligning with the theme of this year, "Global Ambition, Local Foundation," he looked forward to the Class of 2023 making a difference as part of the ZIBS global ecosystem. He encouraged them to draw strength from the local foundations and strive for global ambitions, preparing themselves to "Connect the World and Shape the Future". (Click HERE to read the entire speech.)


学在ZIBS丨图南培风 云程发轫 2023级新生欢迎会举行






Dr. WEI Binru, Assistant Professor who recently joined ZIBS, spoke as a "new professor" in dialogue with the "new students." Drawing from her educational experiences at University College London and the University of Cambridge, she highlighted the alignment between her background and ZIBS philosophy. She emphasized the importance of "3C" which are "Concentration", "Connection", and "Change", as guiding principles for the Class of 2023, encouraging them to embrace opportunities and possibilities that lay ahead.


学在ZIBS丨图南培风 云程发轫 2023级新生欢迎会举行






Anna Monteleone, an Italian student from MCS program Class 2023, set foot on China for the first time and expressed her enthusiasm and curiosity for exploring China, the beautiful international campus, and the friendly people. "We all come from different countries with different backgrounds and stories, and yet we have something in common: we are willing to challenge ourselves in a new country." May everyone's journey at ZIBS contribute to personal growth and career development.


学在ZIBS丨图南培风 云程发轫 2023级新生欢迎会举行






Representing Chinese students of Class 2022, LU Jiarui from iMF program shared his experiences with new students. He encouraged them to overcome challenges and difficulties of a new environment by stepping out of their comfort zone and to take full advantage of ZIBS ecosystem resources, enhance professional skills, realize full potential, and achieve more.


学在ZIBS丨图南培风 云程发轫 2023级新生欢迎会举行






Dean BEN Shenglin, program directors, and student representatives launched together six degree programs for 2023—iMBA, iMF, iMFA, iMDS, MCS, and GCM—which marked the official commencement of the new academic year.


学在ZIBS丨图南培风 云程发轫 2023级新生欢迎会举行






Ms. QU Lijuan and Mr. FENG Qiao launched together the "ZIBS-Ant Group Compliance Technology Talent Joint Training Program" which aims to cultivate versatile talents. The joint program marks another milestone in collaboration with Ant Group to build a more compliant, innovative, and sustainable future.


学在ZIBS丨图南培风 云程发轫 2023级新生欢迎会举行





2023 First Lesson




To kick off the new academic year, ZIBS invited Prof. Lee Der-Horng, an elected Fellow of Academy of Engineering Singapore, Zhejiang University Qiushi Chair Professor, and the Dean of ZJUI, to deliver the "First Lesson" titled "Bridging the Global Future: The Role of Innovation and Integration in Business." Prof. Lee emphasized the importance of innovation and cross-disciplinary approaches in shaping the global business landscape and encouraged students to embrace new technologies, broaden collaboration, and foster a diverse and inclusive culture.








ZIBSer Message




Lastly, ZIBS alumni also sent us some messages to our new students, congratulating their new beginnings at ZIBS and also expressing their gratitude for the opportunity to study at Zhejiang University and at ZIBS. Let's take a look:

GAO Hanmo

iMFA Alumni 2023

L'Oreal China

Welcome to ZIBS family! I do miss the time at ZJU, sincerely hope you can enjoy your time at ZIBS and always shine! Professors wished me a bright future upon my graduation. Now I would like to pass on the best wishes to 2023 ZIBSers. We can do anything! (Translated from Chinese)


iMBA Alumni 2023

Hyperion Materials  &  Technologies Inc
Life is often determined by many important choices. First and foremost, congratulations to all the new ZIBSers for making the right choices on their career paths and for successfully joining ZIBS! I hope that in the near future you will be as grateful as I am to have chosen Zhejiang University and iMBA program, where you are going to join hands with supportive and friendly fellow students. (Translated from Chinese)


Francesca Leva

2022 MCS

Intern at Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong


I wish for MCS class 2023 to have a fruitful journey in China and to make the most of this unique experience. I hope this is just the first of many other occasions to spend in China and Asia.

PENG Yuxiang

iMF Alumni 2023

Selected Graduates

Treasure your time at Zhejiang University, at the international campus, and at ZIBS. These may be the last two years of your student life for most of you. Cherish every moment with your professors and classmates. Don't waste your time; figure out what you truly want. Experience different things and enhance your skills in at least one specific area. (Translated from Chinese)

Shubham Swaroop

MCS Alumni 2023

doctoral student at Zhejaing University School of Public Affairs

A warm welcome to this exceptional journey, one I embarked on not too long ago. Embrace every moment, from out-of-class activities—the cultural exchanges, field visits to technological marvels. ZIBS is a place where innovation knows no bounds. May your time here be filled with awe-inspiring moments and discoveries.



Global Ambition, Local Foundation

New Start @ZIBS!

ZIBS 2023 Welcome Ceremony