Zhejiang University International Business School – Visit to the New Development Bank (Shanghai)
On the 23rd of May, Prof. BEN Shenglin (Dean of ZIBS), Prof. Jaya (Visiting Professor and Advisor for ZIBS China-Africa Center), Prof WEN Wu (Executive Director of ZIBS China Africa Center), Prof. Sheikh Fayaz – (Professor at ZIBS), Rodrigo Moura (Managing Director of the ZIBS Latin America Center), Benjamin Dogani (Managing Director of the ZIBS China Africa Center), Francesca Leva (Intern at ZIBS China Africa Center, MCS Student), Obi Ubunama (IMBA student), and Francisco Rensi (MCS student) visited the NDB headquarter in Shanghai and were welcomed by the NDB Vice-President Leslie Maasdorp.

The event has been organized to explore joint cooperation areas for Africa Day. ZIBS, guided by the China- Africa Center and the New Development Bank, will organize a one-day commemoration event with workshops and round tables to discuss the most pressing challenges in BRICS countries and commemorate the 60th anniversary of the African Union. 

During the visit, Mr. Leslie Masroop introduced the NDB story: born in 2015 as a BRICS bank to finance infrastructural projects in ZIBS countries, NDB has now expanded to Egypt, Bangladesh, Uruguay, and the United Arab Emirates. Mr. Masroop also explained the NDB’s efforts to help its members recover from the Covid19 Pandemic shock and the current difficulties of navigating geopolitical complexities. Professor Ben, Professor WEN Wu, and Mr. Dogani introduced the China Africa Center and its agenda. Mr. Moura also presented the Latin America Center.  

After the introductory remarks, Professor Jaya talked about the history behind Africa Day and the African Union’s birth. Professor Jaya also opened collaboration venues between the NDB and ZIBS for the Africa Day agenda. Professor Fayaz contributed to advancing further ideas for Africa Day regarding focusing on emerging countries’ informal economies and innovation ecosystems. Professor Wen Wu then presented its digital infrastructure for sustainable digital economy research and suggested that the NDB and ZIBS could collaborate on a BRICS Innovation Lab. ZIBS Team and Mr. Masroop then discussed the agenda of Africa Day, collaboration areas, and workshops. The 60th Anniversary of the African Union will be celebrated in the forthcoming month in an NDB-ZIBS joint symposium. 

Finally, Professor BEN and Mr. Masroop then discussed the possibility of developing a connection between NDB and the ZIBS intellectual community, expanding internship possibilities for ZIBS students and Ph.D. students, and professors’ exchanges and cooperation with NDB members.

Zhejiang University International Business School – Visit to the New Development Bank (Shanghai)