The First Digital Trade Cup Kick-off


The Digital Trade Cup-Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for International Students, hosted by "The Belt and Road" Local Cooperation Committee and (Zhejiang) Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and jointly organized by ZIBS and Zhejiang-Africa Service Center, was officially launched.





Digital Trade Cup-Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for International Students






1. Competition Purpose

Focusing on digital commodity trade, digital service trade, digital trade technology, and digital trade ecology (platform, finance, logistics, supply chain services);

Promote the integration and development of digital trade, big data, artificial intelligence, etc.;

Innovate the new mode of digital trade talent training; 

Effectively improve the comprehensive quality and digital trade professional skills of college students; 

Build a platform for school enterprise cooperation, an intercollegiate exchange platform, and an international stage for national college students to compete on the same platform.






2. Competition Content

The competition revolves around the "DIGITAL GLOBAL, GLOBAL ACCESS" theme and aims to solicit innovative entrepreneurial projects in various fields widely. These fields include, but are not limited to, artificial intelligence and robotics, human-computer interaction, sensor and intelligent detection technology, big data, blockchain, and metaverse.

Participants are required to present their innovative project proposals in the form of a business plan and upload them to a designated platform. The initial selection will be conducted through offline or online evaluations. The final selection will involve on-site roadshows by selected teams, where expert judges will evaluate the presentations. The top 10 winners nationwide will be invited to participate in an on-site roadshow at the Hangzhou Global Digital Trade Expo in 2023 and receive recognition during the event.

An expert review team composed of industry funds, private equity institutions, entrepreneurs, and professors will evaluate the development prospects, business status, financial status, entrepreneurial team, institutional construction, social benefits, products and services, on-site roadshows, and other factors of each project. The first, second, and third prize projects will be selected and awarded honorary certificates.






3. Registration Qualifications

Full time Chinese and international students with official academic status in national higher education institutions (including undergraduate and vocational colleges), with no restrictions on their majors.






4.Registration Requirements

Participatants can freely form teams to participate, with a total of no more than 5 players per track (the team should consist of both Chinese and international students, with Chinese students making up no more than half of the team). Individuals are not allowed to join two teams at the same time. Cross-disciplinary teams are encouraged.

*There are no fees in the competition. The team need to bear their own travel expenses for on-site matches.






5. Award Evaluation

On October 20, in an on-site competition at Zhejiang University (International Campus), 1 national first-place award, 2 second-place awards, 3 third-place awards, and 4 winning awards will be selected.

*All winning teams will be awarded the "National Top 10" honorary certificate.






6. Competition Rewards


Eligible Attendance

Top 10 teams will be invited to participate in the Global Digital Trade Expo Summit Forum in November (to be determined).


Entrepreneurship Support

Qiantang Science and Technology Innovation Center, Dachuang Town, Naukograd, and other hot spots in Hangzhou provide supporting incubation bases and enjoy corresponding preferential incentives for rental according to policies.


One-on-one Discussions

Industrial fund supporting investment of 50,000 to 500,000 RMB, with no cap on special projects, to assist in introducing the first round of angel round start-up capital investment.


Corporate Mentor Guide

The one-on-one "enterprise dual mentor" full process tracking service ensures the healthy development of the project.






7. Competition Registration

Log in to the official website,, and all team members and instructors need to be registered. The team leader shall invite other members to form a team.






8. Competition Schedule

· Starting from July 15, 2023 — Competition registration

· Close at 24:00 onOctober 1 — National audition

· October 20 — Top 20 Roadshow

· October 20 — Top 10 Awards

· November (to be determined) — Top 10 (Summit Forum Roundtable)






9. Contact

Tel: QIN 13336097390    XIA 13336093930 







10. Competition organization:










 Competition Introduction




The First Digital Trade Cup Kick-off