Meet China & Future: LEAP Summer School @ZIBS

From Aug. 28 to Sept. 8, more than 20 students from 10 different countries gathered at ZIBS to embark on a two-week journey dedicated to exploring Chinese language, culture, and business. Let's follow their footprints to collect those valuable moments with LEAP.


On Aug. 27, a warm welcome event was held for all the participants of LEAP Global Summer Program. International students registered and checked in at the Residential College, received program welcome package, and moved into their dormitories. Students were already excited to embark on their summer learning journey at ZIBS.




A FUN Summer @ZIBS


On Aug. 28, the summer camp was officially launched. ZIBS Vice Dean QU Haidong and the faculty members and staff members of the program delivered an introduction on Zhejiang University International Campus and ZIBS, the curriculum of LEAP, and the notices of studying and living in China as well. Students are encouraged to carry out more cross-cultural exchanges, broaden their international horizons, and to gain an in-depth understanding of China's cultural and economic development.

During the opening ceremony, students also expressed their sincere expectations for the courses and activities ahead and hoped to be able to exchange cultures, share knowledge, and promote friendship with students from different countries and different backgrounds.



Starting on Aug. 28, LEAP provided students with a series of courses and cultural experience activities.

In the Chinese language classroom, the vibrant atmosphere and various language-immersive activities aroused students' strong interest in learning Chinese. They basically acquired the necessary communication vocabulary and skills through the intensive language learning program.



In addition to language courses, a series of courses and cultural experience activities related to Chinese culture and business were also conducted, covering a variety of topics such as Chinese traditional aesthetics of living, Chinese tea culture, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese media, China's fintech development, and cross-cultural communication. In the Chinese calligraphy experience activity, students and Prof. ZHENG Rui from the School of International Studies at Zhejiang University jointly created calligraphic works in different languages.



In order to further enrich the students' local experience, abundant enterprise visits and cultural visits were also carried out. Students visited PROYA’s headquarters in Hangzhou, and learnt about the internationalization strategy of this domestic first-tier cosmetic brand in the international market. Students also visited Liangzhu Museum and deepened their understanding of Chinese culture while appreciating the historical and cultural heritage of China's 5,000 years of civilization. Students also watched the live performance of Songcheng Show, and got a more solid understanding of the culture of the Song dynasty, Zhejiang, and China.



On Sept. 8, LEAP Global Summer Program was officially closed. Students made a wrap-up presentation on what they had learned during the past two weeks, covering Chinese culture, language, FinTech development, etc. The presentation was diverse and fully demonstrated the students' learning results from the program. Students were awarded the program completion certificate based on their excellent contribution and performance.






Alvaro Paredes Amorin


The LEAP program helps me adapt to Chinese society more smoothly. It's very interesting to see how we could get used to the new habits like paying by Alipay and smartphone. I also learned a lot during the lectures, like about fintech development in China.

Evan Arliano Febriansa


Overall, it's a very interesting program. As an overseas Chinese, it's very important for me to learn about my home country and my own ancestors. If you are interested in China too, I really recommend you join this LEAP Global Summer Program.

Naomi Keiki Iskandar


The LEAP program was super fun; I met a bunch of cool people here from different countries and learned a lot about Chinese culture and China itself. It has given me such a boost in learning about China that I highly recommend you join this program.

Vicky Feng Zhen

Costa Rica

The program was pretty cool; I learned a lot about Chinese culture and made a lot of friends. I strongly suggest you take this program, no matter if you are an undergraduate or a master's student.

Yousef Muhannad Zuqaili


We have learned a lot about Chinese culture, tradition, Chinese Shufa, etc. I definitely would like to experience more than that, but we only got 12 days, and to compile that much information in 12 days was pretty impressive from the team at LEAP.

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The twelve-day LEAP program not only allowed international students to fully appreciate the profound heritage of Chinese culture and to learn basic Chinese communication skills, but they also felt the strong dynamics of China's economic development from the immersive experience of Hangzhou and Haining. It was more than a learning journey to explore the Chinese language, culture, and business; it was also an experiential journey to meet China and meet the future.


Meet China & Future: LEAP Summer School @ZIBS