ZIBS Master of Finance Program (iMF) Accredited by CFA Institute University Affiliation Program

On February 6, 2023, the Master of Finance (iMF) Program of Zhejiang University International Business School was accredited by the CFA Institute University Affiliation Program (UAP) along with other renowned institutions at home and abroad, becoming the latest member of CFA Institute Chinese partner universities.

What is CFA Institute University Affiliation Program (UAP)?
University Affiliation Program(UAP)is a program established by CFA Institute to collaborate with and accredit prestigious universities around the world. More than 700 leading universities worldwide have participated in the accreditation. 

Why affiliate with CFA Institute's UAP?
The topics of Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK) of CFA Institute cover 10 fields and more than 80 sub-fields of the financial industry. These fields represent the core knowledge and skills that are commonly accepted and applied by finance professionals. As an affiliated program, iMF illustrates that the program offered a curriculum that meets the most rigorous and systematic requirements for financial professionals. Students can benefit from various resources provided by CFA Institute, such as CFA Programs, research information and CFA Institute Students Scholarship.


Program Overview

The Zhejiang University International Business School (ZIBS) Master of Finance (iMF) is dedicated to developing leaders with global vision, industry skills and impeccable professionalism. Students will master principles of finance and information analysis, learn to skillfully apply financial theories to real-world settings, become deeply knowledgeable in cutting-edge industry trends in China and abroad and develop strong entrepreneurial and innovation skills. Graduates will be equipped to excel in the finance and technology industries and in government, and become globally competitive practitioners of finance.
Master of Finance Program (iMF) accredited by CFA Institute University Affiliation Program