GFHN Website Officially Launched


The article was originally published in Beijing FRIST.


Global FinTech Hub Network

website officially  launched!




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Global FinTech Hub Network


“Global FinTech Hub Network” (GFHN) was launched by Beijing FIRST at the annual meeting of Financial Street Forum 2022 and the sub forum themed Global FinTech Development and Technological Ecosystem Collaboration in the Global FinTechConference. As an advocate of “exchange, sharing, cooperation, and openness”, the GFHN is committed to building an internationally acclaimed FinTech ecosystem.


Mainly involving leading or emerging cities for FinTech, GFHN will engage local financial regulators, traditional financial institutions, emerging licensed financial institutions, FinTech enterprises, academic institutions, and other established agencies in various FinTech sectors. To this end, it will support involved cities to carry out a series of high-profile exchanges and activities, and eventually establishing a sound international exchange mechanism among financial institutions across the industry.


GFHN encourages all financial hubs to give full play to their resource advantages, establish a close global cooperation network, share prudential regulatory experience, deepen technology innovation cooperation, strengthen the promotion and application of scientific and technological achievements, jointly promote the ecological development of the FinTech industry, create a new FinTech governance system, and share new opportunities of FinTech. Based on the above understanding, the GFHN hereby proposes:


1. Establishing an inclusive and open liaising mechanism

2. Shaping an open and innovative industrial ecosystem

3. Supporting the incubation of innovation and entrepreneurship

4. Bridging gaps and connecting stakeholders

5. Supporting the capacity building of professionals

6. Enhancing the RegTech capabilities

7. Disseminating the best practices of inclusive finance

8. Promoting best practices of FinTech-enabled green finance

9. Contributing to the Establishment and Improvement of FinTech Ethical Codes

GFHN Website Officially  Launched