Discuss Inclusive Financial Technologies@GBSN Beyond

Professor BEN Shenglin, Dean and Professor of ZIBS, was invited to participate in the panel discussion of GBSN Beyond themed "Inclusive Financial Technologies" which dissects the connection between finance and digital tech, emphasizing inclusivity. It showcases business schools' role in leveraging talent and technology for transformation, offering insights on evolving fintech skills for an inclusive digital financial ecosystem.

In the dynamic panel discussion, Tram Anh Nguyen, Co-Founder of CFTE (Centre for Finance, Technology, and Entrepreneurship), offered visionary insights into the evolving landscape of finance and technology. Alongside Nguyen, Rama El Safty, General Manager of FinTech Talent Development at the Central Bank of Egypt, brought a wealth of experience in cultivating FinTech talent within regulatory frameworks.

Professor BEN Shenglin contributed his insights as an Asian representative, enriching the conversation on the global and regional fintech landscape, opportunities, challenges, and the necessary competencies for building an inclusive digital financial ecosystem. The discussion highlighted strategies for business schools to bridge gaps and support an expanded financial services ecosystem.

Olayinka David-West, Associate Dean at Lagos Business School, Nigeria, served as the moderator of the panel.

On November 1, 2023, Global Business School Network's (GBSN) annual conference, "GBSN Beyond," took place in Cairo, Egypt. ZIBS, as a long-time member and close partner of GBSN participated in the insightful discussion focusing on the intersection of financial services and digital technologies.
Discuss Inclusive Financial Technologies@GBSN Beyond