Digital Economic Transformation Landscape in China and South East Asia

On Dec 20, Zhejiang University International Business School (ZIBS) and University of Indonesia co-hosted a forum with a topic of “Digital Economic Transformation Landscape in China and South East Asia.”

The forum began with the welcome remarks from Prof. Ben Shenglin, Dean of ZIBS and Dr. Arief Wibisono Lubis, Vice Dean of Faculty of Economics and Business at University of Indonesia. They have expressed their excitements and full supports on this partnership between two leading business schools in Asia-Pacific. 

Following after the warm openings, the first keynote lecture was delivered by Prof. Jia Jia Lim, an Assistant Professor and Academic Director of Master of Communication and Management at ZIBS with the topic of “Digital Economic Transformation Landscape in China, current developments and challenges, notes for the future.” She has shared an overview of the digital economic transformation in China and how we, as two leading business schools, can work together to overcome the challenges along the way. 

The second presentation was delivered by Mr. Juan Intan Kanggrawan, a Head of Data & Analytics in Jakarta Smart City, sharing “The Role of Digitalization in Urban Settings: The Case of Jakarta in the midst of COVID-19.” From his presentation, Jakarta Super App project was introduced which are led by Jakarta Smart City and how key services are integrated efficiently for citizens, industries and the government. 

The third presentation was delivered by Prof. Wen Wu, a Professor at ZIBS as well as the Director of International Research Center for Fintech Security, discussing on “Digital Trade Challenges and Opportunities – From the Perspective of Digital RMB.” His presentation has covered the challenges of digital trade, global CDBC landscape, digital RMB and cross-border, digital financial infrastructure and opportunities to bridge the gap between developed countries and underdeveloped countries. 

The last presentation was delivered by Prof. Ibrahim Kholilul Rohman, a Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business at University of Indonesia, with the topic of “The Digital Economy Landscape in Indonesia and How Digitalization can Help Support Economic Recovery in the midst of the Pandemic.” Thanks to Covid-19, the adoption of technologies in Indonesia has been moving fast but he emphasized on the many structural challenges we also need to solve including the weak network infrastructure and the scattered adoption of technologies due to the geographic landscape in Indonesia.  

After the four keynote presentations, there were Q&A session and panel discussion. Many questions were asked such as, “how digital developments in China effects other economies such as Indonesia?”, “What is China currently implementing to mitigate a high level of digital inequality?”

Digital Economic Transformation Landscape in China and South East Asia