2023 International Student Admission Ambassadors Awarded First Prize


2023 International Student Admission Ambassadors were awarded the first prize by the University. Let's take a look at their unique experiences and stories @ ZIBS!




Ong Li Dhing

2022 iMBA student from Malaysia


Hi! I am Ong Li Dhing from Malaysia, studying iMBA program here with ZIBS. I started my internship with ZIBS admission team in November 2022 as an international admin that in charge of promoting our university to local and international education institutes. Not only was I given the opportunity to travel to Shanghai, Ningbo, and Suzhou to attend China International Education Fair, but I also got to communicate with international students who were interested in studying at ZIBS. By having an internship at ZIBS, it helps me to be more proactive and improves my communication skills, as I need to interact with students and parents that are interested in our programs. Being rewarded as an International Student Admission Ambassador made me feel grateful.




Ratchadaporn Taenpun

2022 iMBA student from Thailand


As an International Admission Ambassador, I have learned a lot from this opportunity. I see this opportunity as a way to contribute to ZIBS and as a step toward bigger and better things in my future career path.

Furthermore, I really like the campus, grand architecture style, nice accommodations, very bright students and peers, and extremely helpful staff. I have always admired the rigorous and genuine academic style of ZIBS, which combined international and Chinese perspectives.




Rajomarison Alicia Mirindra

2022 GCM student from Madagascar


This year, I completed my first year of undergraduate studies in the GCM program at ZIBS. The program is highly interdisciplinary, covering topics such as communication, finance, and management, among others. Additionally, we are taught Chinese language and other subjects related to Chinese society and culture, which I find fascinating.

One of the best aspects of studying at ZIBS is the abundance of extracurricular activities. We have had numerous field trips to places like Hangzhou, Haining, and even Shanghai. The school also organizes talks and lectures with prominent industry figures.




Furthermore, our schedules are designed to allow us time to pursue other interests. Many GCM and ZIBS students, including myself, are active members of the ISC and have internships. I have been working with ZIBS admission team, which has provided me with the opportunity to meet new people, develop new skills, and gain valuable experiences. As part of my internship, I conducted research on potential partner schools and contacted them via email or phone. I also participated in direct recruiting activities, such as promoting GCM at Shanghai Jiao Tong's pre-university, where I am an alumnus, and creating content for social media. As an African student, I also worked on tasks related to the ZIBS China-Africa Center. Attending team meetings gave me a better understanding of how such an organization operates, which will be useful to me in the future.

Overall, I had a fantastic experience and look forward to more opportunities in the future.


WU Bohan

2022 GCM student from Belgium


After joining ZIBS and becoming a student of GCM program, studying here taught me so much and provided me with a clearer vision of the path I wish to pursue. There have really been significant improvements in me in all aspects since coming to ZIBS. In November 2022, with great confidence and the will to work, I applied and became a member of the international admission team of our school. With great help and guidance from the program managers, Louise and Joyce, my colleagues and I were able to make incredible accomplishments. Alicia, my colleague from the same program, and I, along with two other master's students, have contacted countless schools, kept in touch with them, and traveled from city to city in China, promoting our university and program and encouraging international students to join us. In the end, with a lot of effort and hard work, we were able to get many new students who have different cultures, hold different values, and live in distinct places around the globe to join us. This journey was full of great experiences. Thank you, ZJU and ZIBS, for giving me such an opportunity.





As ZIBSers and with the high responsibility and mission of being International Student Admission Ambassadors, the four students will continue to assist the admission team in promoting in the global market.

The ZIBS Ambassador Recruitment Channel is now open to all ZIBSers for selection.

Please join and grow with us!



The 2024 International Admission will start this November; please feel free to check our website and contact us for support.




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2023 International Student Admission Ambassadors awarded the first prize