Haining Academy Study Tour at Hongxiang Group

The first "Haining Academy Study Tour" kicked off on October 14. ZIBS Associate Professor YAN Cui, director of ZIBS Department of Cooperation and Development, JIANG Ripeng, and vice chairman of the Haining Association of Young Entrepreneurs, led more than 40 ZIBS iMBA and iMF students on a study tour of Hongxiang Holdings Group. The students gained an in-depth understanding of the development, operation, business structure and culture of Hongxiang Group through communication and research.


During their trip to Hongxiang, the students visited Hongxiang Yuanda Construction Technology Co., Ltd. and the headquarters of Hongxiang Holdings Group. YAO Weibing, president of Hongxiang Group, chairman of Haining New-generation Entrepreneurship Association and chairman of Haining Association of Young Entrepreneurs, shared with the students the group's history.

Factory Tour

The first stop of the visit was the prefabricated construction production base of Hongxiang Yuanda Construction Technology Co., Ltd. The students visited five automatic production lines such as the reinforcing steel bar production line and the mixing production line. They viewed first hand how prefabricated parts were produced and made sense of the transformation and upgrading of Hongxiang Group's construction business as well as its "green production" philosophy.




Headquarters of Hongxiang Holdings Group
Tour of the "Working Together Towards a Shared Dream" Theme Pavilion

The second stop of the visit was Hongxiang's "Working Together Towards a Shared Dream" Theme Pavilion. The host's commentary and the on-site visit unfolded Hongxiang's development, entrepreneurship and innovation stories, corporate culture, development vision, and performance of duties, as well as eco-friendly prefabricated construction.



Discussion between President YAO Weibing and the students

In addition, President YAO Weibing gave the students a lecture. Citing cases, President YAO shared his entrepreneurship and innovation experiences and predictions about the current real estate market with the students. He taught them how to grasp future-oriented entrepreneurship ideas, core elements of entrepreneurship and market opportunities under new social and economic circumstances, which impressed the students and renewed their understanding of Hongxiang's development philosophy of "Assistance in High Quality Development of Cities, Common Growth with the Hometown and Co-prosperity with Cities".

At the end of the lecture, ZIBS appointed YAO Weibing its career development tutor. JIANG Ripeng awarded YAO Weibing a tutor certificate.


The visit to Hongxiang was an important move on the part of Haining Academy to promote university-enterprise cooperation, which took the students to a leading enterprise in Haining, broadened their horizon, drew the students close to the culture and spirit of an excellent local private enterprise, and inspired them to work hard and improve themselves.


Hongxiang Holdings Group
Hongxiang Holdings Group Co., Ltd. was formerly Haining #2 Construction Engineering Company founded in 1979, which was renamed Hongxiang Holding Group after restructuring. The group adheres to the development philosophy of "Assistance in High Quality Development of Cities, Common Growth with the Hometown and Co-prosperity with Cities", and has now developed into a modern comprehensive group company engaged in four areas of business: construction, real estate, environmental science and technology and services (including financial investment, sports, tertiary services and modern industries). In 2021, the group delivered an output value of RMB 32.8 billion. In 2022, it ranked 335th among the Top 500 Private Enterprises in China and 75th among the Top 100 Private Enterprises in Zhejiang province. Five of its subsidiaries are certified as "National High-tech Enterprise".

Hongxiang Yuanda Construction Technology Co., Ltd.
Hongxiang Yuanda Construction Technology Co., Ltd. in Zhejiang mainly produces PC components such as prefabricated wallboards, composite floor slabs, superposed beams, stairs and underground utility pipes. It is currently one of the largest PC component manufacturers in Jiaxing, Zhejiang. The company assimilates and applies the proprietary technological innovations and standards of Changsha Broad Homes. Drawing on its unique advantages and technical service strength in the building industrialization field and building on the "Hongxiang" brand and local advantages, it has established its own building industrialization R&D system, manufacturing system, materials system, construction system and products system. Its products are widely used in areas of building industrialization such as prefabricated construction and urban underground utility pipes.

Haining Academy Study Tour
The "Haining Academy Study Tour" series serves as a high-quality platform for ZIBS students to learn the innovative technologies, culture cultivation and advanced management ideas of an excellent enterprise in Haining.