2023 Annual Conference & 2024 Annual OKR Meeting Held

On January 15, ZIBS Annual Conference & 2024 Annual Work Meeting were successfully held. ZIBS Dean BEN Shenglin, Vice Dean QU Haidong, and all faculty and staff members attended the meeting. During the meeting, every department heads as well as ecosystem teams reported on the achievements of 2023 and set OKRs for 2024. Outstanding faculty and staff members and teams of 2023 were commended and recognized for their exceptional performance.




At the beginning of the meeting, Assistant Dean, SHEN Li, provided a comprehensive review and summary of ZIBS achievements over the past five years, our core objectives, and the top 10 priorities of 2023. She further elaborated on the top 10 priorities for 2024, which include establishing high-level Sino-foreign cooperative education programs, building a sustainable overseas center network, launching a series of ZIBS unique branded events, maintaining a sustainable management and operation system, and so on.




Subsequently, different departments and ecosystem teams reported and exchanged ideas on the priorities for 2024. We've also recognized and awarded outstanding faculty and staff members as well as different teams for their outstanding achievements in 2023 (in no particular order):


Rising Star

Rising Star Award: LI Chao, WEI Binru, ZHANG Fan, LI Yuxin


▲from left: SHEN Li, LI Chao, WEI Binru, ZHANG Fan, LI Yuxin



Outstanding Research Platform Award: ZIBS Law and Finance Research Lab (Director: DAI Xinzhu)


Outstanding Research Achievement Award: LUO Lingli, SHAO Hui



▲from left: WANG Cheng, LUO Lingli, SHAO Hui, DAI Xinzhu



Excellent Ecosystem Organization Award: Beijing FIRST, ZIBS Latin American Center, ZIBS China Africa Center, ZIBS Singapore Centre


2023年度优秀生态同事奖:Andre Python、Anu Rathninde、Graham Mitchelmore


▲from left: JIANG Nan, Rodrigo Moura, ZHANG Ruidong, Benjamin Dogani, ZHOU Mengjia, Graham Mitchelmore



Excellent Team Award: Student Affair, EEC(Hai Academy), GCM program, iMDS program     


▲from left: Gilles Meira, LIANG Huihui, ZHAI Xiao, YANG Yinzhi, HONG Zhenzhen, ZHANG Ruidong,  Graham Mitchelmore, Jia Jia Lim, WANG Yiwei, XU Shengdan, LIU Yizhe, WANG Luyao, ZHAO Yiren



Outstanding Staff Award: CHEN Danfeng, CHENQI Lisha, DU Siyuan, GENG Xin, LI Shixin, Jia Jia Lim, LU Jiajun, SHU Mengdan, WANG Hua, WANG Yiwei, XU Yi, ZHOU Dong 

▲from left: QU Haidong, WANG Hua, CHENQI Lisha, SHU Mengdan, GENG Xin, XU Yi, LU Jiajun, Jia Jia Lim, WANG Yiwei, ZHOU Dong, LI Shixin, DU Siyuan, BEN Shenglin


Special Contribution

Special Contribution Award: Communication Branding & Digital Strategy team 


▲from left: BEN Shenglin, WANG Xuezhi, ZHANG Ruidong





At the end of the meeting, ZIBS Dean BEN Shenglin emphasized in his concluding remarks that 2024 marks the beginning of the second five-year for ZIBS and is crucial for the internationalization and global expansion. He stated, "The world is within reach, and the key is in our hands." He called on all faculty and staff members as well as ZIBS ecosystem teams to take inspiration from the outstanding individuals and teams recognized, to uphold ZIBS motto of "Connecting the World, Shaping the Future" and to comprehensively advance our strategies for globalization, digitalization, and ZIBS ecosystem development. He urged everyone to work together in the new year to propel ZIBS towards its goal of becoming a science & technology-focused premier global business school from China, and to collectively script a new chapter for ZIBS second five-year plan.

2023 Annual Conference & 2024 Annual OKR Meeting Held