ZIBS助力蚂蚁集团Fintech Foundation Program Flex项目

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浙江大学国际联合商学院(ZIBS)助力蚂蚁集团10*1000 Program Flex计划,免费Fintech领域的线上课程以及各类相关线下活动火热报名中。



What is 10x1000 Tech for Inclusion? 

10x1000 Tech for Inclusion is an open and global fintech training platform that enables learners to become drivers of digital economic growth. Our mission is to train 1,000 emerging talents and tech leaders each year for the next ten years. 10x1000 is a philanthropic initiative launched jointly by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, and Alipay in 2018


What is the Fintech Foundation Program Flex?

The 10x1000 Fintech Foundation Program includes best practices and foundational knowledge in tech, product and more. The Flex version is a flexible model that allows learners to complete the program at their own pace. 


Who can apply?

Professionals with minimum of 3 years of experience in a fintech or digital economy related company/role.


What you will learn

● A holistic overview of the impact of digital technology on inclusion, key trends in financial inclusion in Asia as well as how top players design business frameworks around inclusion.

● An introduction to the key technology behind fintech (blockchain, AI, security, IoT, computing) as well as the latest applications for blockchain and AI in financial services.

● Best practices for how digital technology can be used to solve business problems and achieve scale.

Language: English

Program time:3 weeks

Estimated time commitment: 6 – 8 hours in total

Content:Three modules with a total of eight video lessons. Each module has an online quiz with 20 multiple choice questions. Learners are required to pass all three quizzes to receive the digital certificate

Registration Deadline:December 3, 2021


Lectures will be delivered by top experts from leading companies and organizations in the fields of finance and technology

The Fintech Foundation Program Flex will be offered over four time periods in October and November 2021 to accommodate learner schedules. Accepted Flex learners can select to enroll for any of the four program start dates (October 11, October 25, November 1, and November 8) and must finish coursework and quizzes within three weeks to complete the program. Flex learners can only apply through referrals from 10x1000 partners and alumni. Learners will be provided a dedicated application link from partners and alumni to complete their application and register


MindsetLearn why digitalization is creating new opportunities in inclusion

Digital Technology & Inclusive Growth and Ant Group’s Practices in Inclusive Finance

Dr. Long CHEN | Director, Luohan Academy

Mr. Ming CHIU | Senior Expert, Luohan Academy

Financial Inclusion in Asia

Ms.Fangfang JIANG | Head of Digital Financial Services Asia, IFC

Digital Economy & Inclusion Trends

图片Dr. Yiping HUANG | Deputy Dean, Professor of Economics, National School of Development, Peking University

KnowledgeLearn what technology makes financial inclusion possible

The Tech Behind Fintech

William XIONG | Senior Director of Technology, Ant Group

Blockchain Applications in Financial Services

Jieli LI | Senior Director, Head of Blockchain Applications, Ant Group


SkilsLearn how to leverage this technology to create new solutions

Framework for Leveraging Tech to Achieve Scale

Vincent ISWARATIOSO | CEO, DANA, Indonesia

Framework for Using Tech to Solve User Pain Points

Ignatius ONG | CEO, Touch’n Go eWallet

Digital Economy & Inclusion Trends

Keith BEAR | Associate Partner, Elixirr


How to apply

Ready to join the world’s leading network for tech-driven inclusion? Together, let's FLEX for inclusion. 

Step 1: Click here to access the online application.

Step 2: Follow the instructions to complete and submit the application.

Step 3: You will receive an acceptance confirmation email after submission. Step 4: An email notification will be sent to you prior to your selected starting date.


Will I get a certificate?

All learners who successfully complete the program by passing all three quizzes before the deadline will receive a personalized certificate of completion powered by ANTCHAIN.


Completion and going forward

You’ll be eligible to access all the program content even after the program ends. You’ll also enjoy access to continuous learning content from leading experts in finance, technology and thought leadership, as well as the 10x1000 community network.



线下活动由ZIBS组织策划,开展一系列线下讲座、主题论坛、蚂蚁参访、 学术沙龙、企业走访、企业家联谊酒等活动,计划开放给所有在浙江的Program Flex学员,敬请期待!