Program Overview

The international Master of Business Administration (iMBA) program of Zhejiang University International Business School (ZIBS) is committed to delivering forward-looking global business leaders for the new era who conceive and put into practice original business ideas. The iMBA program sets "Digital Revolution, Global Operation" as its characteristic educational objective. It works to enhance the ability to lead an enterprise of in-service managers and the cross-cultural management ability of students at home and abroad, and endeavors to train cross-disciplinary management professionals in new finance, new technologies, new industries and new markets.
Academic Director

LEI Linan
Assistant Professor

"We are here to enable our iMBA students to develop their global and cultural insight, their ethical awareness to enhance the potential to benefit business and society."

WANG Cheng
Associate Professor

"This is a milestone achievement you should be proud of! Think big and aim high, a great future is just ahead of you!"

Program Benefits

XIA Li, Class 2021

Head of PR Strategy, Geely Auto Group

"The best time for 'tree planting' was ten years ago, and the second best time is now. Fate never treats diligence shabbily!"

JIN Guang, Class 2020

Test Manager, Hangzhou Jimu Technology Co., Ltd.

"After years of work in my role, I am keen to expand my career breadth and become a versatile professional with multi-dimensional thinking. I feel fortunate to be able to study at ZIBS, where I cleared up my doubts about life and work. Two years of study under the iMBA program enabled me to understand the very nature of corporate operation and management from a new perspective."

ZIBS-iMBA Student Union